Looking for a Market for Your Product? Looking for a Product for Your Market?

You plan to export your product to Switzerland? Or from Switzerland to a specific country? You are looking for a product to import in your country? You are a small or medium-sized enterprise with only limited ressources?

Take profit from our ambition to always find and realize the optimum solution for you within a minimum of time and costs. We offer you professional advice and support in the whole process. We are the pragmatic doers.

Benefit from our worldwide network for international trading, marketing and selling of over 100 partners and freelancers in 45 countries.

Our Services

Together with our well experienced and exclusive network worldwide we assist you with:

  • Import to Switzerland
  • Export from Switzerland to any country
  • Shipment door-to-door
  • Customs clearing
  • Customs paperwork
  • Exclusive product supply service